Peerator The smile maschine will take care
Peerator is game introducing to the new social model where everyone is forced to smile otherwise they’ll be ashamed by the feeling of peeing themselves. Peerator criticize our daily life and aims to question our natural emotions as happiness and shame, the connection between people and surveillance society.
highscore - Eindhoven
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1. Peter Packer - 32
2. Lisa Popp - 16
3. Christine Gerol - 7
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Explanation of the game: Peerator is a game that introduce us to the utopian society model. Everyone has a device that has a camera in it and a LED. Camera has a smile detecting system and LED with three lights. While a player is not around other people and camera cannot detect smile, the LED turns blue. At the time you’re meeting an opponent, camera quickly scans his mouth position. If the opponent is not smiling, your device sends a report to opponent device and it betrays him/her against their own will. The camera sends signal to the pump and it make them feel like peeing without their permission. You have the right to control others but they have the same right towards you. Your friend becomes your enemy and other way around. You should never forget one thing – you’re always being watched.
Vision of the future and Idea: Science proves that pasting a smile on your face, even if you’re consciously faking it, can improve your mood and reduce stress. It means you have to fake it till you make it. In this utopian society you are forced to smile and be happy, it’s not your choice to make anymore - here you’re playing the game whether you want it or not. Smiling is the new law that everyone has to follow, and if you refuse to do so, you’ll be punished. Not smiling becomes a new shame. Can you imagine life without having a right to be sad and without seeing others in a bad mood? Would we be happier seeing everyone else smiling? How long can we endure others tracking us and controlling our most natural and desirable emotion? And most importantly - would we become traitors to each other?